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Mapping the Cleantech Investment Space


A comprehensive map of the cleantech space, outlining key areas and themes for investment (more)

Renewables: Shaping the Energy Mix


How much energy does the world consume?
How much is provided by renewable sources?
What are the most widespread technologies?
How much does renewable energy cost? (more)


The economy is going through a prolonged slowdown. Does this mean the end of capitalism? Capitalism is a resilient dynamic force with its own heartbeat of rises and falls. It will re-invent itself through creative destruction (more)


What makes Indonesia and Brazil some of the world's biggest emitters of CO2 ? Deforestation! When cut trees are burned or left to decay, they release a lifetime of absorbed carbon back into the atmosphere. Deforestation causes more emissions than all forms of transport combined (more)


Energy consumption is integral to the model of free newspapers, which must pump out as many copies as possible. But now, The London Paper is telling its readers that THEY are to blame for global warming if they don't take their paper home for recycling. This is deeply cycnical, and we should be ashamed if we fall for it. (more)


We know that air travel is bad for the environment. Yet, flying around the world is exhilarating, liberating, and enabling. Above all, it is fun. Can technology solutions solve the problem of 'dirty flying'? (more)



What's Hot in Cleantech VC ?


In which areas of cleantech are VC firms investing? Who's investing? How much are they investing? At what stage? And are they making good returns? (more)

The low energy high happiness society?


Is it possible to build a society in which we do not need to buy more things in order to be happy and prosperous ? (more)

Getting the world to work together


This year’s Reith lectures, delivered by Jeffrey Sachs (economist and advisor to world governments), were a paean to liberal multilateralism - the idea that, in an interconnected world, problems can be resolved only through cooperation and understanding (more)

Clean Technologies Conference


Library House is putting together some fantastic conferences these days. Some speakers from their recent conference on clean technologies included Vinod Khosla, Neil Rimer and Eckardt Wintzen (talking about value extracted tax) (more)

Firstly, Global warming is a part of something broader - climate change, which is a symptom of a larger issue - that billions of people consuming more and more resources are having a serious impact on our shared environment.
Secondly, Whether global warming is hype or reality depends on what you do with it" (more)

Bundeep Singh co-founded IndusView and is launching a $100 million India fund called Amaya. Here, Bundeep talks to Innovationblog about investor expectations, and the reality of the India opportunity. (more)

"I genuinely believe we will see world scale early stage companies coming out of India this year"

Shantanu is partner and "Asia watcher" for Amadeus Capital Partners. Here he talks to Innovationblog about why Amadeus is looking at India, and what will drive their decision to invest. (more)

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A CLEAN TECHNOLOGY FUTURE: In 2010 I am writing a research report on the cleantech space looking at the companies, technologies and market forces that will shape our world. I will be publishing interim updates as short articles on this site. If you have companies, technologies, corrections or updated numbers to suggest, I'd welcome your thoughts at JAY MARATHE.